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Hey everyone, Dion here. As you know 18 Augustus is when Bomb Rush Cyberfunk comes out on Steam and on Nintendo Switch. We are hereby also announcing the game will release on Playstation and Xbox shortly afterwards, making it a full multiplat release.

Right now we are doing the final touches on the game. Making this game has been a great time, a very natural avenue for us and a personal one for me. That is not to say there were no difficulties, but already the fact that I am dancing in my own game certainly makes me feel that it goes beyond the idea of a product. Heading more into having a blast and just expressing ourselves.

This way of thinking has evolved during the course of the development of BRC and I can still see so much more depth to explore in the mixture of street and fiction, cyber and funk. So that’s why, regardless of reception, I would like to formally announce we will be creating more of these type of games after Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Have another look at the most recent trailer and see you around:

Pages that are already up:
Nintendo eShop:

And the Team Reptile twitter of course:

BRC release date

Can you believe it! We are just 8 weeks away from the release of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on Augustus 18, 2023. You will be able to play it first on Nintendo Switch & Steam!

Don’t forget to put it on your wishlist if you haven’t already and tell everybody around you what’s coming.

Nintendo eShop:

Graffiti Battle Winners

Finally, here are the winners of the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti Battle!

With so many great submissions it was a real challenge to pick our favorites to appear in the game. We did and here they are. Congratulations!

In no particular order: Denzel Sterling – evilsk8r – ICKYPATCHI – IMP – Greunouylle – Leo Bruno – HestFTV – Patrick ‘Tek-man’ Gordon – Tius – CHENT SANCHEZ – 3DROD – chobaka – Ed Panopio – Joey Flores – Kelli VDB – TheGreyNinja – Mathew Prada – Lariato Corp – Will Dayer – Tony Riff – 2NES – Jehcee – JOEYREX – PirateGhostDJ – MIKE SUNDAY – REP.SHADE

Move in style

Heya everyone this is Dion Koster from Team Reptile, game director of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. I hope you are all doing well, I wanted to add a supplement to the new teaser we dropped. First off a shout out to Bx’treme who made the track AGUA we used. I got to admit I didn’t know where the samples were from but it sure sounded dope. Google ‘Agua’ for a quick surprise.

As you know BRC is a game about the street. Wherever you are from, chances are you grew up going out to the local skatepark, scratching your name on the bins at school or hanging out at the mall, dancing, before heading back home to do some extreme tricks in your favorite video game. Maybe it got you to the point that you are now hitting up the big spots in your own way! Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a big street culture symphony of these feelings. In that spirit I have decided to include skateboarding, BMX and inline skating in the game.

With this teaser we are giving you a heads up, the way that you move around is important. Style is not only about appearance. Many secrets can be found by getting points and doing combos throughout the stage. You will be outstyling the other crews after you bombed their turf to take what’s theirs. Skateboarding, inline and BMX are represented with real life tricks to play into this. After going off you’ll be able to switch back to regular ol’ feet anytime you want to get down to the beat.

This year, we are going in hard to finish the game. Thank you for your patience! As always, no weak shit.

Wishlist the game here:

Is that a skateboard?

Yes! Skateboarding will be one of the move styles, there will still be more ways to get around. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2022. Other consoles will follow shortly after.

Make sure to add the game to your steam wishlist:

New Year News

Good day ballers!

We’ve got a lot to catch you up on. From Blaze updates on all platforms, the DLC release status, latest merchandise, events and last but not least: News on Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. So let’s get started!

Blazing Consoles

All console versions have received a major patch, briefly bringing them on par with Steam for a few weeks! Here is the full list of changes and new features:

  • Gameplay
    • Grid can now bunt out of special
    • Candyman’s special meter maxes out at 1 during a candy chain
    • Candyballs now match the Candyman outfit
    • Jet can hover with taunt at any jump height
    • Ashes is faster and easier to control
    • Ashes travels further when activated from the air
    • Ashes has a new grounded down angle
    • Added special activation effect to Nitro
    • Latch now has momentum when releasing from the wall
    • Fixed all first wall attach frames ignoring action inputs
    • Toxic attaches to the wall more easily
    • Removed hitbox from placing a Toxic tag on the wall
    • The Toxic tag no longer disappears when her parry is grabbed
    • Removed ability to special a ball remotely
    • Parries no longer turn invisible from an online rollback
    • Pivots are now performed with up instead of down
    • The first run stop frame no longer ignores direction input
  • New Options
    • Competitive mode in private lobbies using default 1 on 1 rules
    • HP options (off, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%)
    • Powerup option to select an individual powerup to play with
    • Video option to stop camera movement
  • Stages
    • Pyrotechnics are further away in the Paradise Field stadium
    • All the Retro stages are available online
    • The Retro stages after City Streets are easier to unlock
    • New random retro stage option to unlock
    • All visual issues on Retro stages are fixed

With that patch live it’s a good time for you to share or update your feedback.

DLC Status

It’s not long now before we have released DLC outfits for every character. Only two more to reveal on Steam. And the ones left for consoles should start rolling out at a faster pace as well.

Here is an overview of where we are at and what order outfits will release in:

Blazing Steam

Among lots of balance changes and fixes, the latest update on Steam also brought a new ball type: the gravity ball!

e54d96a7e0ddac845f174ce7cb125588e24ae726.png (833×1196)
comic by KF2AT

Did I say one new ball type? There is a secret second one. You can find it at the end of the arcade mode or using SRSCRDL.

Apparel Update

Our latest merch additions are on both eightysixed and whatsneu:
A Doombox tee, two undead long sleeved Jerseys, new masks and new hats.


Leading up to and over the holidays the Lethal League community has grown noticeably! If you want to take part in it, here are two upcoming events standing out:

The third New Player Challenge (January 30)
(entry limited to sub 200 hour players on Steam)

And the third Quarantined Rapport (February 20)
(look out for console tournaments hosted on the same weekend!)

If you wanna partake in either of these or other tournaments,
pop into our discord server:

BRC News

The game has fresh new title art by @dyinginkyoto
and you may find a new character in this gif:

But these two are old news by now! What about that second teaser?

All scenes for it are now drafted start to finish, set to a brand new track.
And it’s about twice as long as the first one!

TeaserTease.png (1078×732)

Blazing On!

We are not done with Lethal League Blaze just yet! But before we go into what comes next, a recap on what happened the past months.

At the end of September we had a community vote, which DLC outfit among Nitro, Grid and Switch would get released next. And Switch won by a landslide! This is his story:

One hot summer Switch was fed up with cruising the same old streets and decided to go on a skating roadtrip. Of course, he first made a quick detour to go pick up some spare parts at the Citynetics factory. Immediately after entering a server room Switch tripped, fell and short circuited his motherboard into a full-on robo-hallucination trip. As the ‘Mechranger’ he travelled many worlds and saw the true name of things. He recounted his tales to Raptor and told him how Rex is the founder of citynetics and turned Latch into a cyborg. Raptor responded “What are you even talking about you can of beans?”.

In October the community celebrated the second Blaze anniversary with a tournament sporting the largest prize pool in Lethal League history (just over $2000)! You can watch it back here.

And right after that we dropped the next DLC outfit alongside a big list of changes addressing your feedback survey input:
(as usual you can still add to and update your feedback)

  • improved Dust and Ashes special
    • can be used at lower speeds without buffer
    • can pick Ashes direction earlier
    • can control Dust during Ashes drop
    • Ashes moves further the higher up you activate
    • Ashes moves faster on the ground
    • Ashes is smarter about bunting towards Dust
    • steeper grounded down angle for Ashes
    • special can no longer get stuck on a corpse
  • improved movement
    • pivot input is now up instead of down
    • first run stop frame no longer ignores movement input
    • Latch wall climb now has momentum on release
    • Toxic attaches to the wall more easily
  • first wall attach frames now accept action inputs (Latch, Raptor, Switch, Toxic)
  • removed swing hitbox from placing a Toxic tag on the wall
  • Toxic tag no longer disappears when her parry is grabbed
  • added looping special activation effect to Nitro
  • parries no longer turn invisible from online rollbacks
  • removed ability to special a ball remotely
  • Dust and Toxic deobfuscated for modding
  • Corrected fixed camera setting for story mode comics

Fitting for Halloween, the latest DLC outfit is the Ivory Puppet: Killer. This one is for Latch, but it isn’t Latch himself!

High up in a seemingly abandoned skyscraper, on an empty floor without entrance there stands a single large closet. In that closet hangs a contraption, something from a time Toxic would rather not think about. Using the data she had found on Latch, she delved into questionable arts and created an ivory automaton. As a product of her mindstate at the time it turned erratic and hostile. Now it’s sealed away, set to activate if Toxic would ever be captured by the Shine City Police.

Console catch-up

The DLC release schedule for consoles is moving on. Not as fast as we’d like, but it’s moving!

So far the Late Stage Illmatic Outfit for Dice has arrived on all 3 consoles and the Nuclear Nourishment Outfit for Toxic has landed on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Japanese region for Nintendo Switch.

What happened to the other regions? The submission for a major patch got in the way of that process and now has to go through first.

The upside to this is that the Switch should receive a patch including everything up to the most recent changes from the Steam version before the other platforms!


Grid and Nitro will have a final showdown on the last November weekend. Keep an eye on our social media channels and vote for the one you want to be released next. The stakes are high! The loser will be last in line after Candyman and Jet.

And the winning outfit releases next together with new quality of life features for lobbies.

A new Bomb Rush Cyberfunk teaser is coming!

You heard that right! The team is cooking up a second teaser for you.

Until that’s done we still have more to share though.
Starting off with one of the crews you will meet:


These stitched up B-Ballers are of mixed heritage and one of the neighbourhoods is their turf.

Next up a new licensed track for the game from Reso, accompanied by another crew:

And before we top this of with some of your work here is some more world building too!


The second collage with some of the great fanart we are receiving!

Looking for word on Lethal League Blaze? We’ll have newsletter dedicated to just that next week. Stay tuned!